Homemade Pasta

Homemade pasta

Homemade pasta is much more simple to make than you might think. With just flour, eggs, and a pasta machine or rolling pin, you can have pasta that is much better than what you’re used to getting from the box.

Updated 3/13/2024 to make twice the amount.

Scroll past the recipe and recipe notes to see the how to make pasta video as well as pasta shaping tips.

Homemade Pasta



Prep time


Resting Time




  • 210 g type 00 flour

  • 2 large eggs

  • 2 large egg yolks


  • Place the flour on a marble pastry board and form a well in the center.

  • Add the egg and egg yolk to the well and begin mixing with a fork, pulling in the flour a little at a time.

  • Once the dough becomes too thick to mix with a fork, begin working with your fingers, pulling in the flour a little bit at a time.

  • Once most of the flour is incorporated, begin to knead the dough. Continue to knead the dough for about five minutes or until smooth.

  • Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and rest at room temperature for 30 minutes. 

  • Unwrap the dough, dust with flour, and flatten it into a rough square

  • With pasta machine
  • Turn the dial on your pasta machine to the widest setting. Run the dough through the rollers, fold in half, repeat twice more.

  • Run your pasta through each setting once, dusting the dough and machine with flour each time to prevent sticking. The machine setting you choose to stop at depends on which noodle you would like. I stop at seven for fettuccini or lasagna and nine for angel hair. In any case, you should be able to see the shadow of your hand through the dough when you hold it up to the light.

  • Cut the sheet of pasta into 4 to 8 equal pieces (depending on how thick you roll the dough) and set aside for a few minutes to dry slightly. 

  • Run the dough through the noodle attachment of choice. 

  • If storing for later, place the noodles on a sheet pan, dust with a small amount of flour, shape into a nest and freeze.

  • With rolling pin
  • Divide the dough into 4 to 8 sections. Set all but one aside and cover with a towel or with plastic wrap.

  • Dust your rolling surface, rolling pin, and pasta dough lightly with flour, and roll out the dough. Try to keep it in a rectangular shape.

  • Roll out the dough as thin as you can, or until you can see the shadow of your hand through the dough when you hold it up to the light.

  • Dust the dough on both sides with flour. Turn the dough with the short side facing you and fold a few times. Using a sharp knife, cut your noodles to the desired width. Repeat with the rest of the dough. 

  • If storing for later, place the noodles on a sheet pan, dust with a small amount of flour, shape into a nest and freeze.


    • This pasta freezes really well. Just pile the cut noodles into little nests on a baking tray, dust with flour, and freeze for a few hours. When you’re ready to cook, you don’t need to let the pasta thaw, just add an extra minute or two to the cooking time.
    • If you don’t have type 00 flour, you can use all-purpose or bread flour, but the pasta dough will be very soft and will need much more flour when you are rolling it out.
    • The dough, when first combined, should be slightly tacky. If the dough is too dry, add water, one teaspoon at a time, and knead it in. If It’s too sticky, add flour one teaspoon at a time until it’s the right texture.
    • You can mix your flour and egg in a bowl instead of on a cutting board following the same process.
    • If you want to make more pasta than this recipe calls for, you can double or triple the ingredients and divide the dough into two or three pieces before rolling and cutting.
    • Don’t throw out the egg white. It’ll keep covered in the fridge for a few days and can be used to make granola, candied pecans, or anything else that calls for an egg white. 


    To Shape Rigatoni:
    • Roll the dough out to level 5 on your pasta machine and cut into 2 inch squares.
    • Form the squares into tubes by using a gnocchi board and a small dowel. Use gentle pressure to seal the edges of the dough. 
    To Cut Fettuccini
    • Roll the dough out to level 7 on your pasta machine and cut using the fettuccini attachment.


    • Roll the dough out using a rolling pin until it is very thin and dust with flour. Fold a few times and use a sharp knife to cut the dough to 1/4 of an inch in width. Toss to separate.
    To Cut Maltagliati (Using Leftover Pasta Dough):
    • Use a sharp knife or pastry cutter wheel to cut up any scrap pasta you may have leftover. 

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