Day 16: Jerk Chicken, Grains, and Greens

Jerk Chicken, grains and greens in a bowl

Day 16 of the 7 ingredient recipe challenge and mistakes were made with this meal of jerk chicken, grains and greens.

What kind of mistakes you ask? 

1) The oven was too hot. I bake in a countertop oven which cooks things more quickly than a standard oven. I should have either roasted the chicken at a lower temp for the same amount of time, or at the same temp for less time.

2) I should have removed some the fat from the pan before adding the grains and greens. It tasted good, but was a little too greasy. It’s part of the reason why I added the lemon juice as acidic ingredients cut fat. (Acidic ingredients are also a flavor enhancer.)

Question: Okay, but what about the recipe? Where is it?

Answer: I’ll add it once I get it right.

Second question: Why share it now if it isn’t right?

Answer: Because this is a challenge, and I am determined to share everything, whether I get it right or not.

Besides I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels encouraged when I see other’s make culinary mistakes. It reminds me that everyone messes up and that’s okay.

Want a Jerk Chicken Recipe That Tastes Delicious?

Try these jerk chicken wings with charred cabbage!

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