Cooking for one is a challenge. Not because cooking itself is difficult, but because there aren’t that many recipes out there for the solo home cook.

Empty bowl on empty plate and a mug with a spoon in it

More often than not, we’re stuck making “serves four” and “serves six” meals and eating the leftovers for days.

Now, some people like that, and if you like it, I love it.

But the rest of us are often trying to divide that same recipe to “serves one”

It isn’t so bad if you only cook from home a few times a week, but it gets a little complicated when the goal is to cook more often. Breaking down other recipes like this takes time and leaves you with a lot of leftover ingredients. 

Butternut squash cut into quarters
One serving down, three more to go.

This is where Plate For One comes in; by providing a variety of recipes made specifically for the solo cook.

How Plate For One Works

Plate For One is divided into two main sections: Prep and Single-Serve.


Prep is where the basic recipes are kept, like broth, stovetop rice, and homemade pasta. These recipes are made in advance and in larger portions to serve as a base for many of the single-serve recipes. This saves time, as half of your meal is cooked and tucked in the freezer or fridge until you are ready for it.

Simple rice dish

Some of the single-serve recipes use Prep recipes, and some do not. However, all posts will include links to other recipes that use some or most of the same ingredients.

This way, you’ll never be left with one quarter of an onion or half a bunch of chard wondering, “What am I supposed to do with the rest of this?”


Plate For One’s mission is to provide diverse, seasonal, single-serve recipes for the solo cook. Some are simple; some are complex, all are delicious.

So let’s get cooking.